Terms & Conditions

    1. The terms of use of the online store (hereinafter – the Terms) specify the regulations for using the SIA “Krap Records” online store www.trianaparkshop.com (hereinafter – the e-store).
    2. The functions of the Seller are performed by SIA “Krap Records”, registration No. 40103825480, legal address: 11. novembra krastmala 35, Riga, Latvia (hereinafter – the Seller).
    3. According to the present Terms, a Buyer is a natural person with the capacity to act, or a legal person, carrying out a product order on the e-store.
    4. If the Buyer is making an order, it is presumed that the Buyer has gotten acquainted with the Terms and agrees to them without any objections.
    5. A Distance Contract (hereinafter – the Contract) shall be concluded between the Seller and the Buyer making an order on the e-store. The Contract shall come into force at the moment when the Buyer has completed the order by using means of distance communication and has received the Seller’s confirmation regarding the carried out order via e-mail. The Contract will be in force until its complete fulfilment, i.e. until the payment of the order and the delivery of the product. The provisions of the present paragraph relate to all of the orders and purchases carried out on the e-store.
    6. The Seller retains the right to unilaterally introduce changes in the Terms without prior warning by publishing them on https://www.trianaparkshop.com/terms-conditions.
    7. The order made by the Buyer will be carried out according to the Terms that are in force at the moment of making the order.
    8. The product price does not include the delivery fee for International orders outside of Latvia
    9. The Seller retains the right to unilaterally change the product offer and price, as well as apply discounts without prior warning. The products are sold for the prices that are in effect at the moment when making the order.
    10. The products displayed in the images of the e-store may differ in their color, size, form or other parameters in real life. The images are informative.
    1. The term for preparing the order is 25 working days
    2. When you place an order on e-store you will be contacted by us to clarify the delivery form.
    3. The shipping costs are:
      1. Free shipping in Latvia;
      2. For International delivery you will be contacted by email to clarify the delivery costs (if buyer does not respond to email within 5 working days then the order may be canceled).
    4. It is only possible to receive the product if the order has been fully paid for.
    5. The order delivery term in Latvia amounts to 2 (two) working days from the preparation of the order, whereas in the other Baltic states it amounts to 3 working days from the receipt of the full order payment. In the EU it is 515 working days from the receipt of the full order payment. Whereas outside of the EU, the term will be indicated individually.
    1. In order to cancel an order or make changes in an already made order, the Buyer must contact us via e-mail – team@trianaparkshop.com
    1. When you order, we need to know your name, address and email address. This allows us to process and fulfil your order. You have the option to withhold personal information that is not required for the order process.
    2. We use your personal information for payment and processing of your order purposes.
    3. We do not collect sensitive information about you except when you specifically knowingly provide it.
    4. We do not store your credit card or financial information on our website.
    5. If you have any questions about privacy please contact us by email at team@trianaparkshop.com
    1. The Buyer must inform the Seller about the decision to withdraw from the Contract before the withdrawal term ends by sending an e-mail to team@trianaparkshop.com and indicating the following information:
      1. a clear and unmistakable statement about the fact that the Buyer wishes to withdraw from the Contract;
      2. the date on which the order was carried out;
      3. the date on which possession of the product was gained;
      4. name and surname of the Buyer;
      5. accurate name of the product.
    2. The direct expenses of the Buyer related to the return of the product shall be covered by the Buyer.
    1. The Seller does not take responsibility for expenses or losses that may occur from the use of the information indicated on the e-store or because of the website or e-store not being available due to any reason, or because of the e-store not functioning properly or being down.
    2. The Seller does not assume any risks or responsibility if the Buyer has not become acquainted with the Terms or has done so partially.
    3. The Seller is not responsible for the nonconformity of the colour, size, form or other parameters of the products that can be seen in the e-store’s system and images to the actual product features.
    4. The Buyer assumes all of the risks and responsibilities for the purchases made on the e-store, including the receipt (acceptance) of the product.
    5. The Seller is not responsible for delaying the fulfilment of the obligations or their non-fulfilment, or other type of non-fulfilment that has occurred due to circumstances and obstacles, which are beyond the Seller’s reasonable control, including, but not limited to strikes, government orders, warfare or emergency of a national level, environmental or climate anomalies, non-fulfilment by third parties, internet connection problems, as well as technical problems with communication devices, computers and software.
    1. The exchange of information between the Buyer and the Seller takes place via the Buyer’s e-mail address, postal address or telephone number. The Buyer may use the e-store’s e-mail address (team@trianaparkshop.com) as a means of communication
    2. The operation of the website and the e-store is regulated by the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia, which are also applicable to the present Terms. The relations that arise from transactions with Buyers, when the Buyer is a natural person within the meaning of the Consumer Rights Protection Law, are regulated by the Consumer Rights Protection Law and other laws and regulations regarding the protection of consumer rights.
    3. All disagreements shall be solved through negotiations to the extent possible. If an agreement is not reached, the dispute will be taken to court according to the procedure prescribed by the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia.